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After War Gundam X Torrent

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646f9e108c After the colonies crash into the Earth, the few surviving communities are preyed on by those few who retain technology. A scrappy young boy is hired to rescue a girl from one of these techno-pirates, but comes to the realization that the pirate was a good guy as he falls for the girl.
15 years have passed since the last war between Earth and the Colonies nearly brought humanity to the brink of annihilation. The survivors become preyed upon for technology, and those who possess Mobile suits reign supreme. Garrod Ran, a scrappy young orphan joins a group of scavengers lead by a former Newtype soldier. With the help of a young Newtype girl named Tifa Adiel, they embark on a quest to protect the remaining Newtypes from the war. Eventually, they become caught in a struggle to prevent yet another war from erupting.
Contrary to some opinion this Gundam Series is great one of the best. Spanning 39 episodes, this Series for the time is not about Zeon vs. The Federation but rather the Federation vs. The Colonists. Interesting thing here is that good guys and the bad guys are not one and the same. Federations ship seem to steal Gundam mechs to sell for expensive profit while the colonists fight to stay alive.<br/><br/>The Mech Designs are wonderful surpassing in some areas the 1995 Gundam Wing and 2000 version, almost to the level of Gundam Seed. This series is highly sought since it was never released in the us, and it&#39;s a hot download on the internet, so check it out while you can!!<br/><br/>Birthday Boy gives it Two Thumbs up.
&quot;Gundam X&quot; is sort of mixed. On one hand, it&#39;s story is fairly original and it&#39;s animation and writing is better than Gundam Wing&#39;s. On the other hand, the show seems to miss many good opportunities, and the design sense of the series is highly deriative-the supporting mecha in the series are obvious rips of those from the &quot;early&quot; Universal Century timeline series, and the Gundams don&#39;t fare much better(Although they look better and more &#39;sleek&#39; than Wing&#39;s blocky Gundams). Had it had a few more episodes, this series could have been something greater, but it&#39;s sort of the misfit of the Gundam shows(along with Double Zeta).

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